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Ever thought about a journey, long journey.

Mindful one, tiring one.

You want it or not, some memories will travel with you like it's your eternal companion, it becomes illusionary coffin.

More we carry more we get suppress in this state of burden, so don't run, and stop then.

When we carry this phase of burden for too long, it creates a blocking song for itself, it's time to release otherwise, otherwise this is the process of destroying self, oneself.

Keep dark and bad memories behind, promise yourself you will never rewind, remember, never mind.

It's time, follow pleasant rhyme.

You are the creator and you are the controller of most of the aspects of your life process, leave your past behind and now you deserve something good to assess.

Wake up to the reality, boldly.

Illusionary reality is false understanding, tune your understanding.

Space of separation is hard to fill because refilling is not easy, heart space is emotional, any trick cannot keep it busy, crazy.

Life is crazy no doubt in that, but more crazier than that is, how we pursue it, time is not with you nor against it's a cycle, that's it.


Don't blame yourself if you fail, find new trail.

You can continue your journey from any setback point, you need fresh sight, once received new mindset everything is not fight.

Some always sit and bring back emotions of past, no rest.

Saddest songs are expressing the emotions of grief and loss, life is journey, not a toss.

Don't remind times of loss and separation over and over because journey of ahead will be paused, look back once and see what it caused.

Realisation is a process of releasing from what is stopping you, clue.

Open the gates of your blocking mind to see the new light of freedom, to be happy you don't need stardom, blossom

Negativity serves mind very quickly and then transfers all the feelings which leads to frustrations, then all productive plans move towards phase of destructions.

More you serve to it more you will fall for it, move away from negativity, so just stop it.

It's easy to adopt negative path and it will easily destroy you, true.

Stay away from those aspects which are pulling you backwards, now play positive cards.

Winning game, gem.

Trial, real.

Find friendships and bonds which stays for forever no matter what is your condition and circumstances, foundations of bond should be emotional, not attached with finances.

Blessed connections will heal you from heartbreak, need a break.

Face the world confidently, there is nothing which will defeat you until you are allowing it to do that, stop hurting yourself now, come out of illusionary combat.

When you understand and know that you came so far on this illusionary and delusional path, you will try to leave it and will tear it apart.

Positions of human beings are dynamic, so it needs the phases of balance, it needs good remembrance.

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Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Find friendships and bonds which stays for forever no matter what is your condition and circumstances, foundations of bond should be emotional, not attached with finances.

It should be, I agree. I feel that so many people disreguard me simply because I don't have money. I have offered to do other things for them but most people will say no. I'm hardly ever invited somewhere and I think this is because I don't have money. In some sense, I get it. In another, this capatilistic society sucks to live in.

Blessed connections will heal you from heartbreak, need a break.

This line reminds me of what my seba (teach) and another has told me. I've been very disconnected from people as most of my time is spend alone.

Those two lines really stuck out for me.

I want to ask, what has this process been like for you? Do you find your writing changing? What has been different for you since starting this exercise? What have you found challenging?

This world is Fake and by giving more importance to Money than emotions people are becoming fake too. From years i spend my time Alone because people are materialistic and they judge without knowing us. But i am happy because i am alone, because it teach us about those things which really matters for us, if people are not welcoming us, then it's not our bad it's about theirs,they hold very little heart and judgemental perspective, but one day they will see the truth and that is, at the end of the day only people matters no matter if you are surrounded with trillions of prosperity.

This series is very interesting one, before attempting it i thought that it would be Tricky one but in my opinion when we want to express something truly then we can fit our words in any format. I am enjoying this series for sure.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Very nice poetry! I like your take - it hits on a lot of points.

Good luck in the contest!

Thank you so much and stay blessed.

My compliments! 💕

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Thank you so much and have a blessed Year 2020. 🙂

I wish you the same 💕

Thank you so much. 🙂

You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate you're fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

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Aaah you are doing this challenge
Pretty tricky one I thought
But you are doing great on this :)

It's tricky one but it's fun one too. Thank you so much and stay blessed.