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It's weird, really weird.

Go through from art, structures , architectures and sculptures, it's telling about the past reality, deep connection with number three.

Nothing is truth or fake, humanity stuck in jumbled state.

Shape, space.

Stone art is loudly talking about the advanced technology, highly advanced technology.

Like our existence is still in early days and haven't created point percentage compare to them who were here before us, before us, yes yes

May be they had already know next generation are we and left those messages, after series of assesses.

They loved us so much before our existence, may be they are here like ancestral presence.

Feel it, see it, that's it?

Soul wants to come out of cage, arrange.

There are numerous books and texts which wants to tell us about those secrets of this world which never revealed to us ever, don't look out for the saver, self saver.

In between, green.

This world's healing energy is captured and caged at somewhere really dark and unknown place, but not by this world's human race.

Who will release that healing energy from the darkest cage, we all human beings because power of manifestation holds by the collective mass consciousness, much powerful consciousness.

The real meaning of duality means the battle between mind and heart, bring peace through your art.

Your inner being knows the face of reality crystal clear way, don't allow false reality to deceive you this way, really painful way.

Expand your space of information because truth will not going to fit in your bit of space, it needs free flowing memory space, once truth fills then comes ease.

Ease brings freedom, feels awesome.

From centuries human beings are living the times of truth but believed upon the lifestyle of masked truth, leaders are moving ahead without any of ruth.

Falsity is rising like it's nothing, these are the times when we have to think about the ascension and have to do something, people are fine with deception, that's dangerous thing.

Environment of prepping is rising day by day, don't think about the day.

More we feed this energy on mass level, bringing that level.

So stop feeding to that reality which you really don't want to live in, once in then may be eternally in.


Feels like so many dimensional energies are stuck in layers, see no one cares.

We are vibrational beings and download the reality through downloading frequencies, should match your frequencies, there are many realities.

What you download is your reality then, don't push so hard, reality is not plain.

Don't find for absolute answer because otherwise life will not be structured in this puzzled way, don't stop, keep going on for clear way.

Nothing is visible and hidden, spiritual action.

Spiritual ascension is here to awake, are you awake?

We are stuck in the process of never ending and reincarnating point of existence, life of souls is caged in the repeating cycles, space of secrets.

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"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Nice writing, I am impressed!

Thank you and stay blessed.

Per usual, your poetry has many layers to it.

The real meaning of duality means the battle between mind and heart, bring peace through your art.

Your inner being knows the face of reality crystal clear way, don't allow false reality to deceive you this way, really painful way.

These were my favorite lines. I've definitely been at war with my mind and heart. Doing Taijiquan is a way to bring about peace between the two.

I wish we all lived in a society that cultivated within us the way to see reality in a crystal clear way, while recognizing the deceptive parts. For without one, there wouldn't be the other.

Yes that's how Dualism works. Stay blessed.

Really like your deep and reflected content. And yes, our focus determines our reality. hard work to get all that shit out of our minds ;) (resteemed)

But: to get out of this cycle we have spiritual masters which support us. To get in contact with one or more of them connects you to purest light which is also part of you. They guide us barely noticeable, but the more we listen and open our minds and tune as often as we can with this highest frequency we can grow and further more become spiritual travelers who can break out of this reincarnation cycle.

many cheers


Absolutely true. In my opinion most of the times we cannot see the Divine Guidance because we humans always evaluate everything only in two segments and those are Good and Bad, but sometimes tough times and phase of pain mature us to understand our true path of life. Stay blessed. 😁

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - A very powerful message so poetically put! Thanks for sharing!

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@porters, Thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed always. 🙂

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