Overcomer (Movie Review)

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Overcomer exposes reasons parents should stick around to assist in the upbringing of their children.


Movie: Overcomer
Genre: Drama
Director: Alex Kendrick
Released Date: September 20, 2019
Run Time: 1hr 59m
Cast: Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, Jack Sterner, Cameron Arnett

Just like one of those special movies out there, Directors decides to give it a classic touch by casting themselves. Alex Kendrick acted his part so well that I couldn't wait to see the cast and crew involved at the end. When I saw his name, I was like ooo that's the reason behind his quintessential performance.
It is a Christian Drama film that teaches how to deal with circumstances, as there were lots of bible quotations in the movie which inspires certain u-turns.

John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) was a basket ball coach, who lost his team to an economic crisis. As a result of shutting down of a major manufacturing plant in their community, many people moved out of the community as the no longer have a means of daily livelihood.
John and his wife where teachers in the community high school, he was later told to coach cross-country sports as the basket ball team is not functional anymore. At first he was reluctant and had several quarreling discuss with his wife, as he was frustrated because he had plans that this years basket ball competition was theirs, but it seems to be a nightmare and recently he was told to coach a sports he doesn't even like.

After accepting the offer, John discovered it was only one student who volunteered for the sports, Hannah Scott (Aryn Wright-Thompson).
John Harrison was bewildered after discovering that Hannah was asthmatic and yet pushes herself to the limit. He wants to help and coach her but he doesn't know how. Coincidentally, when John went to the hospital on community service, he met a blind man on a sick bed, who was once a cross - country top runner. That was how John started gaining knowledge on how to handle the situation.
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After series of mutual discussion, John discovered that the man he has been speaking with for long now was Hannah's Dad, who left home when she was tender in pursuit of fame.
He and Hannah got to meet, it was difficult at first but things quieted down with time, but Hannah's grandma was not in support.
It was Hannah's Dad that coached her during the final race on a sick bed in the hospital.

Overcomer was intriguing and could make you water boarding but at last love conquers all.


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