My Actifit Report Card: November 10 2019 ~ DrivingsteemCreated with Sketch.

in actifit •  8 months ago 

I am driving today, not much walking. I drove from Banda Aceh to Bireuen. It’s quite long journey, about 6 hours driving.

Traffic was hard, many trucks slow down our speed. I needed to drive carefully. And we arrived in Bireuen Town and now we are waiting the huge big match: Liverpool vs Manchester City.

Hopefully they play well and fair. They should play attacking and offensive football. It must be an entertaining game.

Walking,Daily Activity

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Oh! You can do more better boss in the next report. Enjoy actifiting boss

Because I was driving 😀

😂 i can see

It is hard to get those steps in when you are sitting in car all day. I feel your pain. I have done my fair share of driving over the past couple of weeks.

😀😀😀 it’s too much pain.