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As outlined in our launch post and reiterated in many other posts - The immediate objective of ActnEarn is to run campaigns for crypto projects on major social media channels. And reward those who contribute in running those campaigns with ActnEarn tokens.

Therefore, we would like to provide a list of active campaigns that ActnEarn is currently doing so that our supporters/doers/microinfluencers can use their energy, network, and talent to contribute for these campaigns and earn the rewards too. Below is the list of our active campaigns



ActnEarn is actively involved in promoting FCoin. We invite you all to write posts about it and provide proof of POA in your post to be rewarded by us. @prameshtyagi, CEO ActnEarn has made several posts about FCoin. A link for his recent post is given below for your reference
FToken Mining using AutoTrading or MarketMaker Bot


Santiment is another project that we intend to promote. Again we invite you all to write posts about it as advised by @prameshtyagi in below given link and provide proof of POA in your post to be rewarded by us.
Santiment is GoldMine for Crypto World


USDONE is a stable currency on Steem blockchain. It has earmarked good marketing budget. We are promoting this project. Below is our latest post about them for your reference
Earn Steem Delegation Rewards in Stable USDONE Coin


Cleanplanet is excellent project on steem blockchain. And ActnEarn would like to support great actions taken by anybody for their campaigns.


CleanIndia is original campaign that our CEO @prameshtyagi started back in 2017 just after joining the steem. It is close to his heart. We will support contributions for this campaign too. Below is his post link for your reference:
Clean India #401


Steem is our mother platform and it would not be good if we do not support and promote steem. We always promote authentic or/and good content that is written by anybody to explain and promote steem

Your Own Campaign

Any account that holds >100K ActnEarn Token can initiate their own campaign, different, from listed above and we will promote their campaigns through our network. below is the link for relevant post:

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wow, this is a really great campaign to drive the ecosystem. BTW we just did that. We started to review Santiment and have completed the first post.

we could not find it. Pls drop the link here.

finally found and upvoted. Thnx for the participation.

but we expect you to use santiment data, carryout analysis and then post.

Hello, I just did a promotion. You can see it here

Hope have a nice day... Thanks...

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@actnearn, Definitely we should promote Steem because it's our Foundation. Keep up the awesome work team and have a successful journey ahead.

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