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Stake >=100k ActnEarn tokens in your account. We will promote your posts to our network and upvote your post with matching stake. #actnearn #share2steem


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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I will goto 100k actnearn.
Did you want to add delegate function on Steem-engline?

We look forward to your stake. We are not planning to add delegate function as that leads to uses of bots.

WHAT? No... delegation does not lead to bots.... people making bots leads to bost and this is steem you cannot stop bots bots are not bad... its up to you to sell the best ads and undercut any bots for an advertising campaign on yoru site but why woudl peopel want to uys ethis actnearn site? it has no use case that i can see

is it tied into legacy traditional social media?

One idea for actnearn is to be present on Instagram facebook twitter reddit youtueb and pay for advertisingf or yoruself theeranmd promote steemians accounts theer in legacy socialmedia... promote steem postson instagram etc and tie the coin into our promotion of steem users on LEGACY social media where it MATTERS

who cares about the promotionof posts on THIS site .,.. who cares about this token, unless it does something useful andf idnt just a scotbot siet for teh sake of bing a scotbot site like teh useless lassecash token LOL

Thnx for making your opinion and giving us your feedback. However, we differ. We do see value in taking the happenings of crypto world to conventional media and anybody who helps in that process is incentivised through our token. A very simple idea.

Ok we will see, i am glad your using steem and scotbot i just wish theer was more of a purpose anmd theme

it is because, i have another account just for the steemauto upvote.

my main account @honoru focus on posting and communication.

so... if actnearn have delegate planning, i can delegate it to another to set auto upvote to earn curation.

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If there is any change in our strategy - we will announce here.

Thank You, Thank you.

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