ActnEarn Delegators Rewards Go out Today for June'2019

in actnearn •  9 months ago 


We give 10 actnearn tokens per SP delegated to us per month. The Steemworld website provides the delegation details for any account. We use information from that website to reward our delegators.

Reward Computation

Raw Computations are shown below for each delegation:

And by using Pivot Table - We get final rewards for each delegator as below:

We have sent out all these rewards today to all the delegators.

We thank all our delegators.

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Hi @actnearn, how often do you distribute the token rewards?

Is it daily? weekly? or monthly?

Delegators rewards are distributed monthly. All other rewards are done as they are done for steemit i.e. on 7th day after posting

pls read below post about how to contribute and earn rewards

May i know the reason why is it monthly?

There is no particular reason. We just decided that way.