ActnEarn ranks 462nd out 2600+ dapps

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We are far away from our target but we are happy with our progress. Ranked 462nd out of total 2600+ dapps across all major blockchain platforms according to @stateofthedapps

We thank all our supporters and doers. Without them this was not possible.

Proof of Action (POA)


Support us by Delegating SP to ActnEarn

Delegate SPs to @actnearn. To delegate SP to @actnearn you can use steembottracker to enter your username, the amount of SP you want to delegate, and place actnearn as the user you are delegating to.

We thank our delegators for their immense faith in us and their support - @prameshtyagi, @michelios, @jist, @saskia,@blockcryptochain,@boyasyie, @mcoinz79, @pouchon, @bencana0523 . Our current SP weight is 6455.

What will our Steem Delegators get

Delegators will receive 10 actnearn SMT tokens per month for each delegated SP.

Follow us at

Steem Twitter Facebook Linkedin YouTube Instagram SkorrDiscord

Link to Token Launch Post

ActnEarn SMT goes Live!!!



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I have also delegated SP to your account.

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We thank you for your trust in us.

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Keep growing. It takes time. Slow but sure.

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