This too Shall pass

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We are here to perform our karma, everything beyond our control, will be taken care by the ultimate power!

Stay Positive..
This too shall pass..
The triple filter test of communication. How can this test lead to better communication?

Filter 1 : TRUTH
Is what you are about to say true ? Is it a rumor, a gossip, a hoax or is it true ?

If it passes the first filter, then go to the next one.

Filter 2 : GOODNESS
Is what you are about to say good ? positive, constructive, empathetic ? Is this something that you would like to be told yourself ?

Again, if it passes the second filter, then go to the third and last one.

Is what you are about to say useful ? Is it necessary to communicate what you have in mind ?

If your sentence or answer passes those three filters, you are safe to speak up. If not, you might want to re-frame it and be tactful when delivering it. Else, consider keeping it to yourself ! It will save the world a lot of agony.
Warfare is based on deception.

When we have the ability to win, we must seem we are unable.

When about to use our forces, we must appear we are inactive.

When we are near, we must make them believe we are far.

When our reserves are emptying, we must look resource-rich.

The art of warfare is called strategy.6F57C22F-6DB1-4DCB-A989-75271C787C9F.jpeg

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