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It was getting harder to edit my own work until I adopted these techniques! (The 3rd one is my personal favourite :) )

Though I could write quite enough content in a day but when it came to editing, I struggled.

When you keep reading one thing, it stops making sense. The mind tends to miss even obvious errors. Isn’t it?

Some days ago, I discussed my dilemma with a friend & she suggested me to use some tricks that could help.

Believe me, it did wonders!

I would like to share those tips with you. Here you go!

  1. Sleep on it.
    If you are stuck, give your mind some rest & read the written piece with a fresh mind. Not only you’ll be able to edit your content attentively but bring creative ideas to the table.

  2. Read it loud.
    By reading out loud, your mind gets attentive & you tend to focus more on the piece. Not only this, it also helps you to have a glimpse of how readers hear us.

  3. Change the font and increase the font size.
    Just change the current font to something else, say ‘Ariel’ to ‘Britannic Gold’. While it helps to focus better on your content, the increased font size will work like a magnifying glass to your errors.

Do you also experience difficulty while editing?

What techniques do you apply to overcome the problem?

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