The Human Torch and Kazar and Angel

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The version features the first appearance of characters such as The Human Torch and Kazar and Angel, which subsequently appeared throughout the series. Mr. Ed Gaster, who is responsible for organizing this heritage auction, has described it as a rare historical version of the first issue of the world's most popular comic series.

The auction bulletin states that the copy was first purchased from a bookstore by Union Town, Pennsylvania, a postal company whose activity is primarily based on tracking the first versions of the first editions of stories and pictorial magazines to purchase and subsequently negotiate for a higher price sale.

It is worth noting that the price of this copy, which amounted to 1.26 million dollars, set a record in the prices of picture books. It is interesting to know that the previous record was also awarded to Marvel Comics for a version issued in 1962 in which the Spider Man appeared for the first time in the world, and it was also sold at auction for $ 1.1 in 2011.

Marvel was founded for the first time in 1939 as a company whose primary activity is publishing periodic comics, and its name has changed more than once since its foundation and its most famous name is Timely comics.

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