An exciting scientific experiment .. What happens to the mind after death?

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Scientists at the University of Michigan, in a study that began in 2013 and continues, said that after the clinical death of mice, their brains are already brightening, revealing electrical signals of consciousness beyond those in the minds of living animals.

"We thought if the NDE stemmed from the activity of the mind, so the neural connections of consciousness must be specific in humans or animals, even after the cessation of blood flow to the head," said one member of the neuroscientist team, Professor Gimo Burjijn. Already, using narcotic mice to display a synchronous wave of brain activity within 30 seconds of induced cardiac arrest, is largely consistent with patterns that can be seen by raised brains.

"The study revealed that low oxygen or both oxygen and glucose in the brain during cardiac arrest may stimulate mental activity, one of the practical and cognitive characteristics."

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