creativity is a prerequisite for advancing the nation

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Indonesia is one of the countries that will receive demographic bonus until 2030 with many productive young people. However, the bonus does not affect the progress of the nation if Indonesia's young generation is not creative.

That was the conclusion of a public lecture delivered by the Head of the Aceh Customs and Excise Regional Office, Safuadi Ph. D, at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Bukit Indah Campus, Lhokseumawe, Thursday (12/09/2019).

According to him, if only 7 percent of the people have creativity, the demographic bonus will be felt to support Indonesia to become a developed country. "So it is important for young people to optimize every opportunity that exists," Safuadi said in a lecture guided by Marzuki MSi.

He added, Indonesia in designing the structure of the country's finances through the APBN always considered the ability to respond to global uncertainty. Gradually, Indonesia will continue to show a significant increase to become a developed country in the future.

"The existence of superior and competent human resources becomes very important besides abundant natural resources," said Safuadi.

The original son of Matangglumpang Dua, Bireuen, said that students must be able to turn challenges and threats into opportunities that are currently very promising to become profitable business activities that contribute to the nation's economic development.

Development activities, according to Safuadi, cause a velocity of money and opportunities for workers, which in turn will generate income for the state in the context of contributing to sufficient development spending for the provision of infrastructure and facilities.

The public lecture was opened by the Vice Rector IV, Dr. Nazaruddin and was attended by the FEB Dean Dr. Hendra Raza, to encourage students to have an entrepreneurial spirit to participate in global economic competition.

The Head of Management Study Program, Dr. Mohd Heikal, stated that this activity is one of the academic activities that is routinely carried out by producing presenters with the capacity to provide insight and inspiration for students. []

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