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Vine plants can be either climbers or creepers. The words - vines and creepers, are commonly used interchangeably. However, all creepers are vines, but not all vines are creepers.

‘Creepers’ are plants that grow horizontally, instead of vertically. But, there are some plants with "creeper" in their names which are vigorous climbers.

Climbers are another kind of vine plants. They get off the ground on their own, provided that there is some kind of support in place, whether natural (such as a tree) or artificial structures.

While climbers are often capable of climbing without human intervention, the exact way in which a vine climbs will have a lot to do with what kind of support it finds, or what support you give it.

I don't know the name of this climbing vine plant. I find it very interesting - the way it uses the wall for support, and growing wherever there is space. It is a great cover for a wall. One doesn't have to paint the wall or decorate the wall. The plant is as natural a design, cover, or decor as it comes.

I don't know whether the vine plants were planted and designed intentionally, or did they happened naturally, and was left as they are.

I think it is nice though, and interesting. What do you think?



It seems that this plant grew from this drainage in the wall. And from here, it kept growing. The drainage area provide the water and whatever nutrients the it needs.






It was a big piece of wall. The vine plants just kept growing, covering the whole wall.

A wall nicely covered by the vine plant.

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Wow. Very sticky plant! No fruits for lunch! LoL

Nope! I am afraid no fruits for lunch. 😂

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To survive wherever you can grow :-)

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