Winner Announcement of SteemIncome's Contest

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We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

And a Special Congratulations to @ozgurcinarli and @wandrnrose7, the winners of the One SI Share for One Month in our "6th Weekly Contest".

The Winners will get 1 SI Share for 1 Month and All the Participants will get 1 SIT (Steem Income Token) as Appreciation.

Our Participants

We've 8 contestants this week and they are mentioned below:

  1. @ozgurcinarli
  2. @fredkese
  3. @ayjoe
  4. @mansi94
  5. @wonderwop
  6. @jurich60
  7. @wandrnrose7
  8. @ozkdawg

Many Many Thanks for Participating in our contest. Your Reward is on the Way. Stay Tuned because we're Running this contest Every Week. Our Contest Announcement will be posted every Sunday.

If you want that we'll tag you in our Contest Post then please confirm us in the Comment Section.

If you want to get SI Shares for a life-time, You can Purchase it by Sending 1 Steem to @steemincome more details are mentioned below.

What is Steem Income


Steem Income is a service like "One Time Payment for Life Time Upvote". In this service, the member can join us by sponsoring a fellow member. Both members will get a Daily Upvote on his latest post from @steemincome. The worth of upvote depends on his share value but they get daily upvote even if they have only one share.

Price of per Share / How to Purchase a Share

At the moment the price per share is 1 Steem which you have to send to @steemincome with memo "Name of the person you want to sponsor". When Your share will be accepted We'll inform you by a push transaction.

Example / Benefits of SI Share

  • 1 SI Share is equal to 1 Steem
  • 1 SI Share gives you $0.001 Worth Upvote Daily.
  • As Benefits you'll get Sports, Realty, Actnearn, and CC/Creative Coin tokens Free with @steemincome's Upvote

Which Means 6 Days a Week you and your sponsor will get $0.001 Worth Upvote from @steemincome on their latest Post and 7th day you and your Sponsor will get $0.007 worth Upvote from @steemincome on their Latest Post.

Stats of Steem Income

At the moment Steem Income have

  • Steem Power of $824.733 (Own & Delegation)

and We've Staked some Different types of Steem-Engine Tokens for curating the different SCOT Tribe to give an extra reward to our Members who are SI Share Holders.
You can get extra rewards of:

  • Reality Tokens
  • Sports Tokens
  • Marlians Tokens
  • Actnearn Tokens
  • Creative Tokens
  • Lassecash Tokens
  • Lifestyle Tokens
  • INT Tokens
  • MOT Tokens

Support Us

In the initial stage of @steemincome, we're looking for support. You can Support us by

Every 10 Sp you'll delegate to us is equal to 1 Share and you'll enjoy the same benefits as a SI Share Holder.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks to @steemincome

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congrats 🚀

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congrats Winner! pls tag me

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Congratulations to the winners. 💪🍾

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Thanks for your 10.13SP to team-cn ! Your post has earned 4% team-cn upvotes!

Congrats to them

Thank you so much @steembasicincome!
You're awesome!

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it's a similar service as Steem Basic Income but not related with it.