Here, here. Some golden magic for you. 🌟 Although I'm not big on staying my food, ...

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... let me share some culinary magic.

What is it called? No clue. But it's absolutely delicious!

It stems from the "curry" aisle of the subcontinent countries. Many call it the Dim Bhuna. Some call it Anda Torkari. I call it the Ukrainian Dim Stroke.

Let me walk you through this. The idea is simple. An egg curry. Caramelized onions, spices from all around the spice cabinet, garlic, cinnamon sticks and to end it off - tomato sauce.
The eggs are boiled, fried very slightly to give it texture and added to the curry.


So why the Ukrainian Egg Stroke for a name? Because when I made it, I added tonnes of oil - enough to trigger a stroke. Added the signature Ukrainian cream and mushrooms to it all. And the tomatoe sauce is my innovation.

I took this picture in my "tiny-studio". A pizza box, a4 paper, light bulbs, DIY studio. Made for product photography. A big pizza box that has a4 papers stuck to it for the background and light bulbs shining on it.

If it works, its not stupid. 🌟


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I was trying to figure out how to reply you!! Found it ... obviously

Damn it!! Instead of return I clicked send before I was finished... now where was I!! Right there is no return button 🤪. Anyways it is the oils that make it super yummy!! And how did you get paragraphs on your APPICS post?!!

I take them to the laptop and from there to my phone. And finally from the phone to appics. More importantly how did you comment without gwtting "servers not available"????

It's a learning curve