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Dont burn bridges
Dont ... be fake
We all make mistakes
Be honest to my face
How well do you know the race
Bitter to the taste
We have no time to waste
We all have our own pace
Our own lifestyle
Our own saving grace
Klimb a latter
Does it matter
Does it make you happy
Does it make you sadder
Dont burn bridges
Because we have to live with it
Respect is not free its earned
So dont let it burn

Watch out for fake accounts.
See something say something
Dont hold it in but let it out.

B⃤ E⃤ W⃤ E⃤ L⃤ L⃤



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build them! nice post man!

Indeed you got it bro... Thanks alot brother... Have a good day.

Sooooo True my friend, awesome editing!

Right. Thanks ... Have a good day.

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