Imagine being at home during the pandemic covid-19, which at any time can make us ...

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... bored, bored and sometimes stressed. But there is just another story behind all this. Living in the midst of an epidemic that might hamper our activities. Many cannot be controlled properly, only utilize a number of supporting technologies, multimedia, and digital products.

Being in the crossing of the equator that might be somewhat fortunate with the rainy season. Imagine when in a quarantine that is faced with a pretty beautiful view, especially when it rains.

Beautiful panoramas adorn the pandemic disaster during quarantine. There are hills with beautiful views, green color dominates, soothes the eyes and brings the soul deeper into contemplation.

Rain makes the natural panorama more beautiful, decorated with fog and cooler air. There are many blessings that are obtained even though the disaster was also confronted. Both are parallel ... Disease and Medicine.
Stay home, if there is no activity, just enjoy the panorama around your life.


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