there is no time to make a new story, while the old story is not finished. how do ...

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... you want to be white? while you include black with yourself. don't be gray ... if it's white, white, if it's black, black. it's not wise to continue acting with yourself. So, the problem is how you can convince yourself to be wiser in every control that you do. Maybe today and for the next day. We will put every action into an effort to unite ourselves with logic, nature, values, and ambition. The best weapon in this plague is to build awareness of yourself. Believe or maybe you ignore, that's the action. Each will have consequences that affect you. Here I offer a lifestyle that is better for your health, an easy start to avoid evil. How confident are you with the objects in this picture? Please comment and we will have a discussion. thanks. Greetings from Aceh ...


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