A Slice of Bday Cake, an easy needlework how to

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Hello, Friends especially Needleworkers!

If you are my follower and already read my blog, you might already know that Mom’s birthday would be just on next three days, so in order to give her a wish, I made on simple but cute cross stitch piece for her. I promise this time would be the easiest cross stitch I ever made here so you could copy how I made it, maybe you could also make one for your special one Birthday. Now, let’s see how I made it easily.


· 5 colors of embroidery floss, I used the light blue, light yellow, light pink, mint, orange and also black

· An embroidery needle

· A Thick Cross stitch fabric

· Scissors

It is so simple, you could see that it only used not many kind of materials and things.


Started from the back stitch by using a strain of black embroidery floss. For the dots upon the I letter, used the French knot stitch.


For the cake it was so easy to make, all would only used the cross stitch. Started from the light pink colour for the bottom part of the sliced cake, the size would be 13 crosses for the width and 4 crosses for the height. Do the same for light yellow colour, but don’t forget to skip a row from the pink stitches. And then, continue with the light blue colour, also skip a row.


Continue with the blue stitches then made a candle on the top, used yellow with 1 width and 7 height. Then for the fire on it used orange floss, only 1 width and 2 height for this fire.


Then wrap it with mint colour, do the cross stitch around and also to fill the empty rows between each colour. The top would be like the shape of a piece of cake. Next, complete it with the closed eyes and a smiling mouth. For this use back stitch with a strain of black color.


It is finished now, cut off from the fabric and made some tassels around by cutting and pull the fabric part like I did. And voila, the cute little cake is finished now.


Hope you like it, happy Monday all!

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