The Bubble

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The Bubble

The only thing needed was just another minute
Did what you had to get it, but lost, now you must forget it

You couldn't stand the feeling and did what you had to kill it
Cause life and death are twins chasing each other for a living

Give up your sight to see the light, your inner self will guide you
Pick a direction, fly away and never look behind you

Trapped in a mirror world, at least we all can see the future
And it's never late to start over or even make a u-turn

Don't ever hesitate to make mistakes and let them teach you
Always speak your truth without a care if anyone believes you

The world can be a noisy place, so make your move in silence
You can even shut the door and close the windows if you need to

We all deserve a second chance but justice was invented
Some players win this game with hacks, and others never get it

It's random and it's beautiful, and changes like the weather
It's a problem we've created and we're all in this together

Go for yours.

Always be sharp.

Why abstract?

Because it's true freedom of expression. There are no rules, no reasons, no obligations. Abstract pieces can be perceived differently depending on the individual. I just use colours and geometric shapes, and let them guide me and make me produce whatever they feel like.

Most times, I don't even have anything particular in mind when I start drawing. I just need to mix those colours and see what is achievable. It is very satisfying indeed, and I can spend long hours doing this without realizing how fast time flies.

Sometimes I catch myself stuck in a situation where I can't decide what to play with next, what to add, what to highlight etc. I can literally sit there and just look at the thing for several minutes trying to come up with some fresh ideas. It's an obsession.

And it's never wrong. No matter what move I decide to make, it's always correct as long as it's carefully designed. That's why I love abstract pieces of art. I was a graffiti artist back in my early teens, and now, more than ten years later, I've started drawing again. Thank you, Steem, for the motivation. I feel like me again.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Poetry & Abstract Art by @lordneroo
All Rights Reserved ©
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so you like bubbles?

Orca bubbles!

That’s beautiful mate!

Thank you very much!