It started badly but ended soooooo well!!

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This weekend has been a real sporting roller coaster. Yesterday was the worst day ever as Leeds were robbed at Millwall by a penalty that wasn't along with a red card for not touching another player and then not getting a penalty that should have been, all at the toxic Den, home to the half-witted neanderthal fuckwits who go by the name of Millwall.

Bradshaw you diving cheating scumbag.....judge for yourself at 0.30 after which they congratulate themselves over their con.

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Also this weekend, I've been watching the World Athletic Championships from that legendary home of sporting excellence, Doha, Qatar.

I do actually enjoy athletics and to give credit, and despite there being bigger crowds at an Accrington Stanley home game, the track seems to have been running really well and producing some great performances.

The final day is always the best with the relay finals, 1500m and women's long jump and hurdles. I do wonder about some of the field events and if it's worth it for some of the poorer competitors. I mean, you travel halfway around the world and get three attempts at throwing something or jumping over something before getting knocked out and going home again. That's a bit rubbish really. I hope they didn't waste too much time practising.

Not a good day if you're a Manc though. City lost 2-0 to Wolves and United lost 1-0 to Newcastle and now sit in 12th position lol.....


You can see how that would improve my mood though.

We go back to the Athletics for the final word and the incredible women's 4 x 100m team who took the gold medal! A huge congratulations.....and I mean, just could, couldn't you?

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Get stuffed! :D

Off to watch that 4x100 gold, much better than the shite i saw this afternoon!

err, did they take gold?!

No, 4x100m men and women got silver. 4x400m women came 4th, men dropped the baton and the two girls in the long jump were rubbish. Its been a poor championship except for the new love of my life, Dina Asher-Smith who got a gold in the 200m and a pair of silvers in the 100m and 4x100m.....

It's like the 73-74 season all over again ;-) Come back David Moyes, all is forgiven lol

I’ve liked Dina since the moment I heard her name!

Worst ever start to a Premier League season, surely he’ll be gone before Xmas. Running out of guys to bring in - I’m before Moyes though!

What could've been wrong with man u? Can we say its managerial problem or the team as a whole?

They're just rubbish and that's good enough for me !!

Mixed bag for you for sure this weekend. Would love to see Manchester United down in 18 th or 19th as that is where they deserve to be. Pressure is really on them these days and anything is possible for them this season. We all know once you are down there the pressure gets worse and it is hard to get out.

We all know once you are down there the pressure gets worse and it is hard to get out.

That's absolutely right but as Asher pointed out, who can they bring in to replace Ole? Zidane would be my guess but I think there will be the start of a huge top-level managerial merry-go-round about to start soon.

They have to bring in a top notch manager otherwise no players are going to come. There is no ways a Zidane can fix this mess and need someone with experience to fix the problem before handing over to a Zidane or an equivalent. If they don't and go for someone like Zidane they will have the same issues in 2 years time. I hope they go with not fixing the problems and band aiding again as this I find typical of many business practices today.

i like high post because highlight capture main scene in whole boring match hahaha.

My weekend watching soccer was a little more tame than yours. These kids couldn't focus long enough to figure out which way to run on the field. My nephew played with the net more than he watched the ball as goalie. It was pretty funny!