The Diary Game (December 2, 2020) ~ Taking my kids to school, treating patients, and having lunch at KFC

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This morning I took my kids to school. Today they would take the exam at their school. Their school is about 10 minutes from our house. The trip to their school was quite enjoyable, the air was very fresh this morning and the weather was sunny. The sun is shining bright this morning, I hope it won't rain today, because many coffee farmers in the Gayo Highlands are drying their coffee.

After taking my children to school, I went home and prepared to go to the hospital. The hospital where I work is Munyang Kute Hospital. Arriving at the hospital, I parked the car and walked to the internal medicine ward. Today there are three patients who are still being treated in the ward. Meanwhile, in the isolation room, two Covid-19 patients were treated. These Covid-19 patients have reduced symptoms and is able to breathe without oxygen assistance.

Lunch at KFC

During the day, I picked up my kids from their schools. Then, we left for Takengon town for lunch. My kids asked for lunch at KFC. Then I drove to KFC in Takengon. KFC is one of famous restaurant in Gayo Highlands.


Today's KFC visitors are busy, so I have to park the car in the basement of the Bayu Hill Hotel, which is next to KFC. Inside KFC, customers seem to be queuing to order their menu. I also queued to order a menu. It took about 15 minutes to my turn.


After our menus were served, I brought them to the table. Our menus are several pieces of fried chicken, french fries, pudding, mineral water, mocca float, and mango float. The kids are very happy to enjoy KFC. Actually, KFC is fast food that is not really good for health. But, I think that every now and then it's okay to enjoy this lifestyle food.



KFC in Tekengon City has only been around since last year. This franchise from the United States is indeed very popular with customers around the world, including in Aceh. Currently, almost all towns in Aceh have at least one KFC.


After enjoying our lunch at KFC, we headed to the traditional market at the heart of the town. My wife was shopping for some household necessities. Meanwhile, my kids and I were waiting for her in our car.

Going to Clinic

At night, I went to the clinic to treat some patients. The location of my clinic is about 15 minutes away from home. There were five patients who have made an appointment to see me today.


After this, I'll head over to Kenred Coffee Shop for a cup of espresso. Drinking coffee is a culture in the Gayo Highlands. A cup of espresso can add to the mood. I can tolerate arabica coffee very well. This coffee doesn't make me insomnia.

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Hello dear friend! I loved your day! How difficult it must be to work in a hospital these days! What do you do there? Do you use special protection to get close to patients?

Regarding your lunch ... I love KFC with all my heart !! But unfortunately, it is not in Mendoza, the city where I live. So every time I travel, I take the opportunity to eat there.

How happy that child looks eating that fried chicken!

Friend, your publication is spectacular! I only recommend that you add a description below each photo, even if it's brief. You can do it using the tips shared here: Applying Markdown

Thank you very much for sharing!! Take care and have a nice day!!


Hi @belenguera. Thank for stopping by on my post. You know, many Covid-19 patients we have to treat. I am one of the doctors to treat them. I am internal medicine specialist. For sure, We wear special protection clothes/equipment when treating and visiting Covid-19 patients.

And I also appreciate so much on your suggestion to add some description below each photo. :)

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