Dump on Bitcoin, will 7000 USD HODL ?

in bitcoin •  10 months ago 

So we have Saturday and the dump started, if we break 7k support things can get nasty and we are close to that.

Binance Chart BTC/USDT


No bad news at all though so well see what next days bring.

Bill Pulte billionaire just bought 11 BTC... maybe those guys wanna enter cheap? Who knows.

Bitcoin Markets

Spot trade i would only on exchanges with liquidity from those ie BitForex which i really love or the Binance itself.

But if you want to join the party (and the risk!) then leverage is here as thats best to play with small stake.

If you want to try leverage though and dont have this available on bittrex you can try those with no KYC and x100+ leverage.

So are you ready to rumble? Keep in mind leverage can make you huge money with small deposit in short time but also works opposite.


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my long went good, 7000 protected so far

check bonuses for registrations to leverage exchanges above

I think a lot of people are hoping it drops so they can get in cheap, I know I am, it’s buy a little at a time as it drops, and buy all they way to the bottom, knowing it will take off again!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!

true that man, everyone wants to get in cheap ;)

Yeh buddy you are absolutely right cost averaging is the best thing to do on a down trend

A billionaire buys 11 whole bitcoins. Not exactly straining the old budget there. Whats he going to do? Use them as stocking stuffers?

Everyone is finally getting the point that if BTC pops its nose up into the fresh price air its only a matter of days (or hours) until it crawls back into the meat grinder. Not really the stuff bull markets are made of.

theres not enough BTC for millionaires to have 1 each... so maybe those 11 is enough for a billionaire ;)

I heard that Chinese miners if they are in collusion with one another just wants to shake off other miners of the world since mining BTC in China is cheaper. Then after that will be another history in the making. @kingscrown

No. I'm not convinced that BTC will hold 7k.

The daily, weekly and 4h charts are signalling that it would be unlikely to hold a reversal at this point. Also, 11 BTC is nothing to move the needle.