Have good english and know MT5 ? I have a job for you.

in bitcoin •  7 months ago 

When i have tasks i like to offer them to my Discord community and of course my Steem readers since then i dont have to order from some freelancer service and money stays in the ecosystem of people close to me or who at least read my stuff.


Currently for a small project i look for a person who has ever used MT4 or (preferably) MT5. You dont need to be a pro forex trader, you just need to be more or less fluent with english and know how to click stuff and learn stuff.


I need a person to do some tests, take screens of them and write down what they did and their observations. Demo account.

Looking for one person, write in comments or DM on my discord (link below).

If you ever used MT5 the task will take few hours, if you used only MT4 a bit more.
If you never used any of those.. i assume you cannot do this as at least base knowledge of charts, setting orders etc is needed.

Its a one time task that should take few hours max.

Hit me up!


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Your idea is great about offering jobs to the steem users, I guess I'll try this for some tasks needed in the future and also to offer some services as well. Steem is money at the end.

some stuff if you want to try even if you never used MT5 but ie want to learn stuff or just need money:

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What you want to know about mt5?I am a forex trader since 2010.I have good knowledge about mt4 and mt5.

i know everything i just prefer to give job to someone ;) ping me on discord!

What do you need done? I'm sure I could do it and what does it pay?

ping me on discord!