[Inspection] phpTrader Announcement for server inspection

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Hello. This is phpTrader.

We are scheduled to have a main server security enhancement work as below.

During the inspection hours, all the operating bot functions will be temporarily stopped. For the users of phpTrader, please make sure to check the pertinent contents.

[Inspection hours]

UTC 2021, Jan. 24st, 03:00 ~ 05:00

Time of server update could be completed earlier or later than the schedule and we will inform you once it's completed.

  • This inspection could be postponed depending on the market situation.

Regarding the inspection, we will update via this announcement if any changes occur.

[Impact of Inspection]

During this inspection, the use of all services of phpTrader (all of the bot transactions, BTC deposit, and withdrawal, etc) and connection to the phpTrader website aren't available.

During the inspection, BTC deposit and withdrawal aren't available.

After the server inspection is completed, BTC deposit and withdrawal service will be reactivated in order, without further announcement.

During the time, all of the bot features are going to be restricted.

All operating bots will be canceled.

During the time, websites will not be accessible.

We will try our very best to support a more stable and safer transaction through this work.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Thank you.

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