Competition Announcement — Battles of Humanity- earn up to 1000 WAX

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The competition starts at 17:00 UTC on 2020–09–14 and ends at 17:00 UTC on 2020–09–18

Competition Rules:

During Week-38, you can play the game and win up to 1000 WAX. We will announce the winners on Friday 18th after the closing of the competition at 17:00 UTC.

We have removed the limit of free 5 games/day, you can play more than 5 games now. The winners of the competition will be decided based on the following criteria:

Most rewards won by a single player during the competition — 600 WAX
Most number of games played during the competition — 300 WAX
Most number of referral sign-ups during the competition — 100 WAX
Note: The initial snapshot of the player statistics will be taken from the blockchain table here on Monday 14th at 16:59 UTC. For any questions, please write to us on our telegram channel:

Explainer Video (GamePlay):

Battles of Humanity is a multi-player game built on WAX Blockchain. In order to play the game, you need a WAX Cloud Wallet account
After login using the WAX Cloud Wallet account, you can play the game by simply following the instructions on the screen.
You can either play a free game or a paid game. In the paid games, you have the possibility to win rewards.
Each game has 5 rounds where each round represents a specific category of cards. The player who wins most rounds wins the game.
Each round is for 30 secs and the players must choose a card strategically.
Each card has different parameters like Battle Points, Carbon Rating(C.R), Profit Rating(P.R).
At the end of each round, the player card choices are evaluated on the blockchain. The winner is decided based on the random selection of the deciding factor (C.R or P.R) using the WAX RNG service. If C.R is the deciding factor then the player who has the highest C.R value wins and the same applies to P.R.

Referral Instructions:

Battles of Humanity offers a blockchain-based game referral service. You can find your referral link after login to the website:

By referring users, you can earn up to 100 WAX. You can track your referrals here:

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