All about the Akashic Records

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And how to access them.

Hello everyone, I recently stumbled upon a very interesting YouTube channel which discusses the notion that every thought that has ever been thought, exists. The Akasha is believed to be a vibrational record of every soul and its journey throughout all universes that have ever been.

I had to watch this more than once and would like to share this video with you:

Mind-blowing huh?

Youtuber Teal Swan is doing an amazing job breaking it down; this has to be one of the best explanations on YouTube. This lady is brilliant, and I could literally listen to her for hours.

It's not just about this specific video of hers though; in fact her channel is full of gems. I'd suggest keeping an open mind if you are going to browse through her stuff.

The main concept is that there are many more dimensions than those we are able to perceive with our senses, but the term dimension here has nothing to do with spatial correlation, but with vibration instead. All dimensions overlap each other, and essentially coexist.

Creatures of information.

It is said that we are born with the ability to view and interact with all dimensions, but we lose this ability growing up as we tend to not make any use of it. It is also said that one can regain those skills by practising.

One can only find the truth for themselves, so don't search for it on the web. Just look inside.

I appreciate your attention.

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Nice! It's been a while since haven't watched Teal :)

She is a genius!

Hey bro, make sure to take part in this challenge of mine and I will reward you with liquid Steem.

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Sure! :D
Right now I'm using my sister's PC...
But I still have time to take a photo of my own station, when I'm be back in Bulgaria on Monday...

Your sister's pc works for me too, who cares xD
I want you to have some of that Steem, so I don't really mind. Have a safe trip back to Bulgaria!