RE: Let's compete for the GRAND PRIZE POOL valued at OVER 1050 STEEM!

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Let's compete for the GRAND PRIZE POOL valued at OVER 1050 STEEM!

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hello littlenewthings, i stopped with blogging some time ago, i just write comments, i make my curation mainly for posts in german language, delegate to some projects and steemians for free and delegate some amount of SP via dlease also.
You can stopp a delegation via dlease and usually i try to check the account i am delegating to.
I removed my downvotes directly-as you can see in my blog- if the delegation to this destructive downvote account we are talking about is stopped.
He is fighting mainly the "SBI-system" with 150 k own SP, only 11 k are now delegated, but this are 11 k too much.
Most of the accounts i talk with like the SBI-system, his aim is to destroy the SBI-system.
Best regards.

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That is actually very sad when people do not sit down and talk about their projects. That I have realised especially when I went to SF to talk to other project leaders.

Sometimes I just wish people will confront with the intention to resort to middle ground before "all out full wage war" kind of attitude.