Let's compete for the GRAND PRIZE POOL valued at OVER 1050 STEEM!

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How to Play: Take a selfie with a piece of paper. On that piece of paper should be written one project from the Master Project List. Post that picture here in a comment.


Over 7 extended weeks of #buildbetter bounty posts we have assembled our 'Mater Project List' of things being built on #STEEM! It is not all-inclusive, but there are 48 projects along with my pick, @quintaesencia.

We will now engage in a series of elimination rounds, the first of which begins today and will stay open until Friday November 22nd. Each project that accumulates at least one unique user selfie will pass to round 2, each one that fails to meet this requirement will not.

During this time I will catch up on all manner of articles that I am behind on, including participation awards from round 1 and more exposition about the contest and its participants. I have been very fortunate to interact with many of the project on our list, and I wish you all the best! Use this time to get your user base ready, because future rounds will see an increase in the difficulty!

Here is the Master Project List, along with the final scores from the first 7 weeks of Phase 1:


Master Project ListW1W2W3W4W5W6W7
@mykos - 'BTCMYK'--2----
@carrieallen - 'The Play House'--1----
@pennsif - 'Steem News'---1---
@cadawag - 'Steem-Engine Tools'---4---
@ecoinstats - 'INCOME token'----8--

While I try to figure out how to make this list less....long, let's take a look at the prize pools.



Are you looking to build an extra boost for your posts? Consider an asset-backed votebond like MAXUV!

The Phase 1 Participation Prize Pool is still being tallied and sent out, and the Grand Prize Pool is still growing. We have another possible sponsor on the line and I am still very interested in being contacted by additional sponsors 😘

Here is the Grand Prize Pool as it stands now:


Plus 100 SBI from sponsor @improv = 1042 SBI plus 500 MAXUV tokens! This Grand Prize Pool is getting HUGE! And if we do confirm another sponsor, I plan to confirm prize depth to several places.

I will experiment with the Phase 2 Participation Prizes during this round.


A long time ago right here on #STEEM my wife and I participated in a selfie contest hosted by @papa-pepper, and it was one of the most exciting times of our lives. This will not be like that, but it does take inspiration from that.


So follow my example and jump right in 😉

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Apoyo a @steemitasclub.

Gracias por tu apoyo @issymarie. Recibe un saludo cordial de parte del Equipo de trabajo de Steemitas Club.

Gracias por su participacion - @steemitasclub sigue al siguiente ronda!

Saliendo del juego un rato para apoyar a la comunidad @steemitasclub

El equipo de Steemitas Club te agradece el apoyo que brindas al crecimiento de la comunidad. Saludos!

Gracias por su participacion - @steemitasclub sigue al siguiente ronda!



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Thank you for your entry! @freewritehouse has made it to the next round!


thank you so much!!

Me pones en aprietos amigo @ecoinstant :D


Apoyo al @Nucleo-FSE...

Arriba @nucleo-fse, una comunidad fabulosa, la próxima con sonrisa por favor , querido @yonnathang jajaja. Un abrazo y mucho exito!.

Supporting Mamas on the Blockchain from across the globe!

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Thank you!

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You are delegating to a account @mmmmkkkk311 who is downvoting me for nothing! So I will downvote your posts of course!
Best regards!

Thanks for the explanation. Please do know that it wasn't because of any malice or intentions to down vote you for any reason. I haven't been active on Steemit since earlier this year till about July and had decided to lease my SP to the open market via dlease as for it to not go to waste.

I would like to request for you to please reconsider your down vote as you are down voting me because someone else is down voting you and it is not because of the fact that I produce bad, plagiarized and totally inappropriate content on my posts?

Best Regards I supposed too?

My dear friend, as far as i can see, you are supporting this account @mmmmkkkk31162 with 3,027.971 SP.
this account never ever have understood my comments or posts (they are written in german language), but still he remains downvoting my comments.
So what can I do, just downvote you, because you support this account and his behavouir!
Best regards!

Why don't you address it with them? If there is no reason for them to do so then tell them? Instead you down vote me. I already explained to you that I leased out my SP on the open market. There is a total of 13K delegated to them and yet you choose to down vote me. That's why I asked you to reconsider your vote and go the appropriate way instead of this.

Thats not the way how it works!
You are responsible for your delegations-just as i am for my delegations- if a account is using your delegations to give me some downvotes for nothing, then this is your problem, not mine.
It s very easy.
Best regards

Hello @balte , I think you are not the only person. I have seen this account randomly downvote people including one of my post if I remembered correctly.
I have vaguely heard about posts are downvoted for misusing tribe hashtags and such. I know lassecash hashtags targets quite substantial downvotes, including sportstalk lately (partly because of shit posts from actifit by many people)

Maybe you can check what sort of hashtag you have been using to see if there is any "violation" you accidentally stepped on?

My best suggested approach is that don't bark at the person who used a system to lease out their SP. The unfortunate thing is that there weren't any regulators to check the reason of the person (menace / not - in this case it was of menace intention) who rented the SP.

Even if there was, it could be fake fill in and then does the manace

I do not know how the contract works between the automated delegator / delegatee system; but if there are ways to retract it I am sure it will. Besides, even retracting the delegation right at this moment will still allow that account to amok on his / her downvote spree for the next 7 days.

It would be better to dig in around and see who is the owner of this nom de guerre account, then confront the person?

hello littlenewthings, i stopped with blogging some time ago, i just write comments, i make my curation mainly for posts in german language, delegate to some projects and steemians for free and delegate some amount of SP via dlease also.
You can stopp a delegation via dlease and usually i try to check the account i am delegating to.
I removed my downvotes directly-as you can see in my blog- if the delegation to this destructive downvote account we are talking about is stopped.
He is fighting mainly the "SBI-system" with 150 k own SP, only 11 k are now delegated, but this are 11 k too much.
Most of the accounts i talk with like the SBI-system, his aim is to destroy the SBI-system.
Best regards.

LOL, Aktio-Reaktio honk at it‘s best 😂

You have no permission to publish the photo with the dog.
Please delete this photo from your post.

no. Its my photo and my dog. Who are you to police me?

Seriously, what is it that encourages you to worry about the origins of my photos? Do you think its your photo or you know the guy or something?

Beweise es!

warum sollte ich?

warum sollte ich?

Weil ich denke, dass Du ein Lügner bist ;)

Ich kenne dich nicht und kümmere mich nicht darum, was du denkst. Ich habe erst jetzt Spaß mit Google Translate, sonst würde ich nicht antworten.

Ich auch, oh was haben wir gelacht

If I wanted to prove to you that that is my photo, which I don't, how would I do it?


@freewritehouse LOL - we are so free that we are writing upside down 😱


and fixed LOL And I see that we already made it to the next round :)

Thank you for this, it means a lot to me 🥰

@heyhaveyamet is through to the next round!

There's some good projects there, but some of us have privacy concerns, or are too old and/or too ugly to participate in this selfie stuff. 😕

Ah! I understand the concern, although you are beautiful of course!

I am just about to post making a few more rules clear - would something like this work for you?


My only request is that you would use the same disguise/proxy for each round.

Here is my article that I hope addresses your concerns - I just noticed that steempeak allows you to scrub metadata from images, I might talk about metadata in a future post. Is that what you meant by privacy?

!giphy funny

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Uniendome al reto y dando el apoyo a nucleo-fse





Esooo, @ficcion, el chico de mis letras azulesfavoritas jajajaja. Te ves super!, un abrazo!.

por eso te aprecio tanto, eres bien buena onda, te mando otro de vuelta!


Gracias por su participacion - @nucleo-fse sigue a la siguiente ronda!

Gracias por su participacion - @nucleo-fse sigue a la siguiente ronda!

Mas que un socio, mi amigo!

Alright! Felicitaciones en ser el primero!

Gracias por su participacion - @nucleo-fse sigue a la siguiente ronda!

Apoyando 100% a @NUCLEO-FSE

Gracias por su participacion - @nucleo-fse sigue a la siguiente ronda!

Lindo pues! jajajaja Un abrazo!. es bueno conocer las caras de la gente bella de @nucleo-fse. @carlos-fernando

Support & Inspire!

@NeedleWorkMonday, a community that supports one another while inspiring the Steemit blockchain!


Thank you for your entry! @needleworkmonday has made it to the next round!

Thank you!

Reto aceptado, pero no me dio tiempo ir a la peluqueria, asi que si salgo despeinada, todo por @radiosteemit


Gracias por su participacion - @radiosteemit sigue a la siguiente ronda!

Mi bella más hermosa, la más más de Radiosteemit y Club12, te abrazo con cariño y te quiero al infinito, lo sabes, eres mi ídola! @sacra97. Por ahí dejé la mía

Tu también sales guapísima @marybellrg gracias.

Vamos RadaQuest! 😎😎

Gracias por su participacion - @radaquest sigue a la siguiente ronda!

Uno de los mejores gamers y amigos que conozco, mi admiración infinita, querido @wiriwiri. ARRIBA RADAQUEST, VAMOS POR MAS!.

RadaQuest all the way up!!! My pick is @radaquest


Thank you for your entry! @radaquest has made it to the next round!

Cool Filter!

Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!!! Nice!!

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Awww, tierno jajajaja un abrazo! Que bueno que te animaste, @arkmy.

Estupendo proyecto siempre acompañandolos en las altas y en las bajas. @radaquest @arkmy

No sé si fea, bonita, o asustando gente jajaja , pero me parece super esta iniciativa y aquí vengo apoyando a mi querida comunidad @radiosteemit. Un abrazo, @ecoinstant y gracias por estos momentos que fomentan la alegría y la camaradería en esta plataforma.


Gracias! 🥰 Y por su participacion - @radiosteemit sigue a la siguiente ronda!

esooooooooooo @marybellrg, también sales muy bien, te mando un gran abrazotee!

A ti te quiere la cámara, que guapa!

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Sii! sale muy bien. Abrazos

Go, go, go @radaquest!

Thank you for your entry! @radaquest has made it to the next round!

Mi corazón se quedó partío porque no me dejaron hacer dos selfies (mi otra mitad es RADAQUEST) :´( . Eres una de las personas que más admiro en la plataforma, estoy feliz de que RADA haya pasado a la siguiente ronda, @marcosdk. VAMOS POR MÁS. Un abrazo, querido amigo!. te aprecio!.

Apoyando a @club12, todos están invitados a conocernos.

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Estupendo @naylet gracias, uno solo puede apoyar un proyecto y uno tiene el corazón dividido con tantos proyectos tan lindos. Un abrazo.

Estupenda, querida @naylet!. Gracias por el apoyo!.

My vote goes to @heyhaveyamet, but I got my son @judethedude to do my dirty work haha ;) All the best to all entrants!


Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

También puedes seguirnos en el discord de RadioSteemit

¡¡¡Canal de discord RadioSteemit!!!

Apoyando siempre los buenos proyectos de crecimiento y aporte en positivo para la plataforma, acompañando a las comunidades amigas. Exito en la iniciativa, @ecoinstant. ¡Somos Club12!.

Supporting, VIP holder...


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I vote @heyhaveyamet. They is super-cool and helpful!


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Apoyo a @emp2-00com

hola amigos mi apoyo a emprendedores 2.00 @emp2-00com por su gran esfuerzo

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Buenos días amigos. Aqui me hago presente con mi selfie para mi proyecto Laboratorio de Música Venezolana Contemporánea. @LMVC

Good morning friends. Here I present myself with my selfie for my project Contemporary Venezuelan Music Laboratory. @LMVC


Laboratorio de Música Venezolana Contemporánea
Creamos, adaptamos y sonamos.

Gracias por su participacion - @lmvc sigue a la siguiente ronda!

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Goodmorning from rainy Holland my hart offcourse goes out to @heyhaveyamet

Thank you for your entry! @heyhaveyamet has made it to the next round!

Say... cheese!!!


Wonderful learning many members of #PHC are assisting introductions on #steem



Hola amigos paso a dejarle mi selfie me la tomé desde el espejo y por supuesto me salió alrevés jeje pero les paso otra foto donde se ve claramente a quien apoyo. Cuesta decidirse por tan sólo una comunidad porque todas, todas son talentosísimas pero con Steemitasclub tengo una mayor cercanía y he recibido su apoyo permanente. Suerte a todos!! Abrazos de una venezolana.

Sooo many great projects, I wish I could do more than one!