Nominator Awards - BuildBetter Phase 1 Final Results and Participation Prizes

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#BuildBetter has always been about my belief that #STEEM's power comes from, and its success is determined by, what gets built here. In that vein I asked users from all over #STEEM to nominate the best and most promising things being built here, and we ended up with a fantastic Master Project List, now competing for the GRAND PRIZE POOL.

And the wonderful particpants who answered my call? They get prizes too - read on to find out more!

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To review:

What I wanted to see from nominators each week was ONE something that is being built on STEEM or is using STEEM in some fashion in their model. This something might have been a organization, company, application, community and/or project that they believed deserves constant and continual support on STEEM.

I also asked that they would nominate different projects each week.



I got very busy, but I never stopped keeping track! These weeks have now been awarded SBI according to answer rank.

Week 6 winners:

UserProjectRank/SBI award
@thenightflier and @mad-runner@cooperfelix2

Week 7 winners:

UserProjectRank/SBI Award

Over 7 total 'weeks', 47 participants helped me create the Master Project list with their recommendation. They have been rewarded in the following manner throughout those posts:


WinnersW0W1W2W3W4W5W6W7TOTAL / @hobo.fund1--1----2

Need more SBI? Punday Monday is always just a click away:

There have also been some Easter Eggs and hidden prizes thoughout the #Buildbetter Bounty. @tonytrillions found one when he nominated Steem Basic Income itself in week 4.

Another semi-secret Easter Egg is the prize of 1 INCOME token for nominating successfully three weeks in a row! This was won by 4 users, @phoenixwren, @yonnathang, @fitinfun and @tonytrillions


Along with that Easter Egg, today I would like to give out a couple of INCOME tokens to @fitinfun and @yonnathang for tying for first in most weeks with a successful nomination: 5/7!

And another big congratulaions to @tonytrillions for his unbeaten score of 20 SBI across the whole phase.


I would like to invite all previous participants, their friends, and anybody interested in winning prizes to Phase 2 of this contest. There will be participation prizes, easter eggs, challenges and an enormous GRAND PRIZE POOL just waiting to be won by the worthiest of projects being built here on #STEEM.


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Greetings appreciated @ecoinstant.

On previous occasions I have had the opportunity to review this work that you do by creating this list of all these valuable initiatives that we can find on steemit.
I sincerely feel surprised at how well organized you keep track of your statistics. I congratulate you!

My main intention in making this comment was not to nominate a project, but seeing the dynamics so special that you have with your initiative, I would like to propose that you review the work I have been doing for more than a year with a group of friends, mostly Venezuelans.

I'm talking about @project.hope.
I hope you have some time on your agenda to review our proposal also on our website.

All best, Piotr.

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Agradecida con el empuje que le has dado a los proyecto un reconocimiento al trabajo constante, muchas felicitaciones a los que acumulan puntos. Muy simpático esos premios de huevos de pascua, ja, ja muy creativo e inesperado.

Grateful for the push you have given the project a recognition of the constant work, many congratulations to those who accumulate points. Very nice those easter egg prizes, ha, ha, very creative and unexpected.

@sacra97 @radiosteemit gracias por parte del equipo.
@thenightflier and @mad-runner

@phoenixwren, @yonnathang, @fitinfun and @tonytrillions Congratulations

Hi @ecoinstant, a modest tip of appreciation:

Thank you for nominating me. Still your old friend @maxijgcomm

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@ecoinstant, Keep continuing with this Community Development work. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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The CooperFelix-Multiservices Team thanks friends Supporters for supporting the project during this heats of the #BUILDBETTERCONTEST allowing us to rank among the first six winners. We invite friends and followers to support the project again in this competition.

@sbarandelli, @dexpartacus, @mad-runner, @giornalista, @thenightflier

Congratulations to all the winners

The CooperFelix-Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition or following the project at the link: THE CF-M PROJECT.


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Thank you so much for this project and my winnings, @ecoinstant. I was so glad to participate and recognize great projects here on STEEM. I was at STEEMFest in Bangkok, and it kicked my butt, so this is why I am so late to thank you. I am really interested to see how this progresses :)