THE ULTIMATE SELFI PROJECT BUILDER BONANZA! - Join in for exposure to over 1000 STEEM in cash (equivalents) and prizes!

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In #buildbetter Phase 1 we made the master list over 7 long weeks, now - the event you have all been waiting for -

The Ultimate Selfi Project Builder Bananza!

Concerned about everyone recognizing that this new phase is starting, I prelaunched this contest 5 days ago. I'm happy to say the results have eased my worries a bit.

It's not too late to get in!

Round 1 closes when this post pays out. Future rounds will definitely tighten up time-wise, so get your group together and make a plan to stay on top of the competition!



At the time of posting, 14 projects have made it into the next round by way of being supported by a user selfi. They are:

@heyhaveyamet, @innerblocks, @steemitasclub, @club12, @lmvc, @emp2-00com, @solairitas, @freewritehouse, @radaquest, @radiosteemit, @steemitmamas, @needleworkmonday, @nucleo-fse and @hispapro.

Congratulations to the above listed projects, see you next week for the next round!

But for the following 34 projects that have not yet been supported by a user selfi:

@shadow3scalpel, @thehive, @giphy, @communitycharge, @giftgiver, @schoolforsdg4, @spinvest, @reggaesteem, @surpassinggoogle, @dlux-io, @team-mexico, @erarium, @mayvileros, @cleanplanet, @vimm,, @mykos - 'BTCMYK', @build-it.assist, @carrieallen, @pennsif - 'Steem News', @doer-minnows, @accelerator, @cadawag - 'Steem-Engine Tools', @omnesplantae, @contestkings, @plankton.token, @cooperfelix, @qurator, @homeedders, @ecoinstats - 'INCOME token', @council, @c-squared, @threespeak, @typeearnblog

Let it be known!

These projects have until this post pays out to have one user support them with one selfi. I will do my best to inform those that I have personal contact with, but I keep pretty busy. I have done my best to set the foundation for a once in a lifetime type opportunity/contest, and all I can say is - you'll want to get in on this, and keep your projects in as long as possible!

Learn about how to SELFI here. It doesn't matter who holds the camera. You can use your kid or your dog or a mask, just make sure a part of you is in the picture.


None of this excitement would be possible without sponsors. I will continue to mention them thoughout the course of this contest - I hope to attract a few more before we are through as well 😉

Currently, apart from myself, @ecoinstant, your host and benefactor, we have the wildy talented @improv, who hosts the delicious Punday Monday weekly competition, and @maxuv, who has generously donated the cash equivalent part of the prize pool, MAXUV votebonds.

MAXUV philosophy fits in line with this #buildbetter series. Since #STEEM gets its value from what is built on top of it, shouldn't we all choose projects to support long term?

My answer is yes, and I invite you to submit your SELFI on this or the previous post!

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Hello! Here my selfie supporting @cooperfelix! 😀💪✌️

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Thank you very much for your support @dexpartacus.

The CooperFelix-Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition or following the project at the link: THE CF-M PROJECT.


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

Thank you so much for your entry!!!! @cooperfelix is on to the next round!

On behalf of / @cadawg (and potentially @dmessages 😁)


Yeah! Thank you for the participation - #dmessage and #steemtools are through to the next round! #CADawg

Wow you've got my dog's mug and a supporter from @olivia08 (thanks olivia), does this get me bonus points 🤣

Participation bonus prizes from round 1 will be revealed on Friday!

I hope so you win @cadawg

Also, I had to claim the account @cadog due to this lol. Too good of an opportunity to pass up!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I nominate @cadawg

Thank you @ecoinstant for this initiative.

Thank you - for your participation! @cadawg is through to the next round!

Welcome and have a nice day!

SHOUTOUT to @mykos! My selfie is repping #BTCMYK


Thank you for your participation - @mykos of Bitcoin MYK has made it into the next round!

What it is, here with a nomination of @c-squared :)


Excellent! Thank you for your participation - @c-squared makes it through to round 2!

yassss! Come on over to Round 2!


for @innerblocks <3

Thanks @snook!

Thank you! @innerblocks is into the next round! <3


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This is really exciting! I'm glad @innerblocks is apart of this!

Agradecida con esta oportunidad quienes no estén, en el proyecto, es porque no estuvieron atentos a tus publicaciones o les fallo el internet que a veces suele pasar. Me alegran muchísimo los equipos clasificados y espero que otros aprovechen y se animen. Descubrí que no es nada fácil tomarse una selfie aguantando un papel, ja, ja, pero con buen ánimo todo se puede.


Thankful with this opportunity who are not, in the project, it is because they were not attentive to your publications or I fail the internet that sometimes happens. I am very happy with the classified teams and I hope others will take advantage and cheer up. I discovered that it is not easy to take a selfie holding a paper, ha ha, but in a good mood everything can be done.

@ecoinstant, @maxuv, @improv gracias Thank you

Felicitaciones a mantenerse atentos:
@heyhaveyamet, @innerblocks, @steemitasclub, @club12, @lmvc, @emp2-00com, @solairitas, @freewritehouse, @radaquest, @radiosteemit, @steemitmamas, @needleworkmonday, @nucleo-fse and @hispapro.

A bonus $trendotoken tip from ONECENT!
Also consider MAPR fund and MAXUV vote bonds too.
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Hi @ecoinstant, a free $trendotoken from the TULIP Mania Game!
Round 3 will start soon and full details will follow. Thanks for playing!

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Hi @ecoinstant, a modest tip of appreciation:

Oh I missed this!!! Is it too late?

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There is a grace period this round - through the weekend so you can get your selfi in!

Me playhouse proof1 2.png

You are in to Round 2! Nice Effects!

Omg! Is this competition already finished? 😱🤯

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I'd let you sneak a project in if you had a selfie!


I have selfie but not with my username?

excellent! now just add in a project! Come over to this post which is still live.