Dim Sum-Hard Muffins and Millet Biscuits

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Dim Sum-Hard Muffins and Millet Biscuits

some days ago,
I went out at 8pm,
Walking exercise.
Head to the park in the distance to run.
On the way back,
Attracted by this shop,
I bought 2 snacks,
both all is cookies.
One is a muffin, but he bakes very hard , so we call it is hard muffin.
Another kind of biscuit, his surface sticks together like a lot of Xiaomi, so we call him Xiaomi Xiang.
Both of these are delicious biscuit-like dim sum.
When watching TV,
They are often eaten.
Drink is black bean coffee,
Black bean flour + coffee powder soaked.


一种是松饼, 但他烤得很硬, 是硬式的, 所以我们叫他硬式松饼.
另一种饼干,他的表面像很多小米黏在一起, 所以我们叫他小米香.

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