My sesame sticks / 我的芝麻棒

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@mariannewest has an activity "5 Minute Freewrite",
day 817, the prompt "sesame sticks" ...

Welcome everyone to participate in this activity.
Thanks to @mariannewest for hosting this event.
and sponsorer @team-ccc.

Best wishes to @isarmoewe for your early recovery.

My sesame sticks
sesame in this Long round sticks
It ’s not sesame
it to be content
When we Bite down
Thick sesame flowing into the mouth
Chew the crunchy sticks
Delicious bite after bite
A whole root
Finish eating in one breath

Actually it is
We need Finish eating in one breath
Sesame seeds would flow out
Because sesame is wrapped in sticks
He is liquid
Both ends are covered by sticks
it After biting one's head
Sesame will flow out
So need eat it all at once

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@mariannewest的活动为“ 5分钟免费写”,
817天,提示“芝麻棒” ...

感谢 @mariannewest主持此活动。
和赞助者 @team-ccc

祝福 @isarmoewe早日康复。



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It sounds like you're very fond of sesame sticks!

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It is the first time I see this.
I only know a bread with sesame, bread sticks with sesame and sesame cookies. 🤔

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