Join and come to your daily challenges in chl-tokens and get your fun

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Hello to all Indonesian steemians, hopefully it is still in activity on steemblockchain, of course.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-16 at 23.27.42(2).jpeg

I have always been active in every steem update so far, and also like some tokens that are under scot eos, The picture above is one of the tokens that have been found on Eos and also under the Steem Enginge market.

If you want to get some prizes from CHL tokens on Eoshio or under the CHLP steem engine, you only need to do a few easy steps to be able to work under two platforms at once. Only with additional notes you must have an Eos account, to get an eos account, you can open the link that I share below;

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-16 at 23.27.42.jpeg

What's new here, O Token CHLP or CHL at Eos market, after seeing the picture above you only come to open the link to get the Chalangedapp application from the link below. Create your account and do your daily activities to get CHL token rewards, now it's very easy for anyone to do.
Donwload Chalengedac, klik link Bellow:

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-16 at 23.27.42(1).jpeg

The picture above is some of the activities I do in my daily challenge activities, very easy and so much fun.

Come and be active there to do your daily challenges

To do shopping, some tokens in the steem engine, you do it via the link below;

If you want to join the CHLP dispute room, follow the link below;

Or you will be present in the official CHL official token room, open the link below;

Hopefully my short article about tokens CHL / CHLP is useful for all steemians who are in Indonesia, ...

Greetings from me, enjoy your pleasure in every challenge

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Thanks for posting about this VERY San Diego based app!

if you have more san diego based posts id be happy to upvote and alos, let me know if you have more people who can use the challengedapp we will give you more CHl and upvotes

i need more people to do CHL than SAND right now! :D

Thank you for support me

Thank you for downloading and spreading word about the ChallengeOS Dapp @helmibireuen. 1000 CHLP sent to your Steem-engine wallet!


You can join us on discord.

Thank you for support me,..

Complete,... Awesome