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一部讲人性的电影《寄生虫》 《기생충》

I've heard about this movie for a long time. I finally found it. It is a thought-provoking realistic film about human nature.

Everyone has the desire for a better life, the pursuit of a better life. However, there are all kinds of differences between people, and everyone can't leave real life, can't leave a variety of strange social, and everyone is an individual. What is the root of the difference between people? Is appearance? Is wealth?

This is a very profound film. The film does not give an answer about the differences between people, but illustrates a truth through the story. Maybe everyone has his own different understanding.

An ordinary family that lives in bottom society, although the day lives very hard, but the father that serves as a head still has dignity and majesty extremely in the home, an accidental opportunity lets whole family enjoy plutocrat's life, capacious and comfortable big house, sweet green lawn. But a good life always seems to be very short, and the father followed is facing the challenge of dignity, as a driver of rich family, the father felt can't follow one's inclinations any more, he had to be careful everywhere, and will still be in casual between "insult" by he understood, although also can have material to enjoy, but the father's heart was hurt, in the end, he picked up his knife and killed the rich.

There are many conversations in the film that make you wonder, such as the whole family discussing whether being rich makes you easy to be deceived, or whether being kind makes you rich.

What is the root of differences between people? In this society, classes exist objectively, and which class one belongs to can be obtained through efforts. The differences in appearance and wealth between people are only superficial manifestations of differences, while the fundamental differences may lie in thoughts and thus belong to different classes.

What if they belong to different classes? A person can finally grasp, perhaps only their own inner peace and tranquility.

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Movie URL: (https://www.dytt8.net)
Critic: AAA
영화 URL: (https://www.dytt8.net)
별점: AAA

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