MMoSP[中/English]Notice on the merger of bilingual courses|合并中英双语教程的通知

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Notice on the merger of Chinese and English bilingual courses: the practice course of stem Python making money

It is occasionally found that some people in the community discuss whether a bilingual post should be published jointly or independently?

From the reader's point of view, of course, independent publishing, for them, half of a content is text that they don't understand, which will only waste time and make a bad mood

But some people in the community don't think so, and they downvote other people's posts because of this

Sometimes, we don't have the energy and time to argue about the big things such as a shit.

Therefore, avoid unnecessary trouble. From the 4th issue, the course is bilingual in the same post.

English list:

#esteem #hive-139531 #steemdevs #community #programming
MMoSP000E-< make money on steem-python > Preface
MMoSP001E- install steem python with anaconda
MMoSP002E - use steem-python make a robot that can automatically say hello to contents under the tag


#cn #hive-180932 #chinese #hive-143316
MMoSP001C- Anaconda 安装 steem-python 开发环境
MMoSP002C- steem-python 开发一个会自动问某个标签下内容的机器人
MMoSP003C- steem-python 定制修改密码的工具

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