[CN] 🃏💂🏼 歡迎來指定你的社區暱稱 😘👳🏼 (發錯)

in cn •  6 months ago  (edited)

發錯了... 勿點讚

Deleted due to error. Please DO NOT vote!!

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Hi Deanliu, how are you doing? I have a steem witness as well with my ‘surpassinggoogle’ account. I posted on steem recently about it. Kindly see it.

刘美女可能会需要这个花名册 :) https://steem-guides.github.io/roster/

本来想留言在 Hive,但 peakd 和 hive.blog 都上不去了。。。为了防止忘了,先留言在这里吧。。。