Escape A Bear Hug Fast - Finger Lock and Pressure

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When someone holds you from the behind, you do not see it before. Someone can suddenly hold you around your arms, AKA, bear hug and try to hurt you. In this situation, if you want to punch the attacker, you cannot do that because he is not in front of you and you cannot even raise your hands to do that.

If someone can bear hug you around your arms, then what? Just like what you see in the following video.

You can raise your hands, that's a plus point. Just don't make any unnecessary moves, otherwise, the attackers will give pressure and hold you more tightly.

If you want to go for grabbing his finger, you can do that. But before grabbing his finger, you can hit him with your leg. It might surprise him. Then you can grab his finger and lock that. You can apply pressure and strike him. In this way, you can escape a bear hug.

The problem is, when someone grabs you a little lower around your arms and you cannot raise your hands like this, then what? And if the attacker is stronger than you, the situation might get worse. He holds you so tight that you cannot move. That's a serious problem.

When someone comes and does a bear hug, you are in normal position. When he grabs you tight, you can still make a little space and that can change the whole game.

How can you make a little space to escape a bear hug?

To make space, squeeze your shoulders and move both shoulders a little forward. You can use this little space to defend against bear hug.

To escape a bear hug, you can follow the following steps:

  • Move your one leg a little to the side and put your weight on your both legs.
  • Squeeze your shoulders, move your shoulders a little forward and raise your both arms at the same time with force.
  • The attacker will not be able to hold you anymore. Then you can do elbow strike and get out of there.

I don't find any video on YouTube that shows this technique. Hope you understand what I said.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. If you find it useful, please follow me @RezoanulVibes. I really appreciate your support and feedback. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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@rezoanulvibes hello dear friend. excellent video demonstration, but as you say, if you take a little lower, that technique is void.
I think that the technique that you propose, would be fine in that case, if it is up to the condition and the condition is given, the head can be an exit blow
Thank you very much for all the material you share daily
I wish you a wonderful weekend

If you can use your head to hit the attacker, you can try. But when someone grabs you tight, it is difficult to do that.

Frankly speaking, I am just writing how to do it. If it's possible to show you, (like grab me as hard as you can, let's see what I can do), it would be better. Whether the technique is effective or not, the only way to know is to apply it.

Thank you so much @jlufer for your feedback! :)