Jeet Kune Do's Moves In A Street Fight

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When we talk about the street fight, there is no one way of dealing with that. It is not like do this, do that, and you are done. So there are different concepts and different approaches when you fight for self defense.

So when to attack and how to attack. If you see a fight is obvious, and the guy is going to attack, you can make your move. The thing is, when the attacker wants to hit you, he has to come to you. And the moment he moves forward to attack you, you make your move fast and strike him before his attack.

If the attacker punches you, and you block that. He will not stop there, and he will keep punching. So how long are you going to defend the punch? Eventually, you will get hit. So the thing is, instead of blocking, you punch or kick your opponent.

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When the attacker gets the hit, he will think twice to make his next move to attack. And you get the time; you can move forward and strike. Your footwork is very important. You have to step forward fast and step backward quickly. You can move to the side and throw a punch.

When you punch like that (watch in the video), your chin is going to be protected. Speed and power matter when you face a situation like this. If you are not fast enough, this is not going to work. You have to strike fast with power. Here you are not going to set up for the next attack. This is the attack.

So the jab can be used to hit someone hard and knock him down. You take action fast. You are not just reacting to your opponent. You are making the first move seeing his move. When you are in a fight, this is not to prove something. It is about defending yourself and get out of there alive.

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Greenville Academy of Martial Arts

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