Martial Art Experts Moves vs Some Moves In Movies - what does it take to learn martial arts

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Sometimes what we see in movies or a video, you might find it difficult to differentiate between a martial expert moves and someone who trains for the scene. When a person is a practitioner, meaning, he does what he says and knows about it, you can feel the difference.


When you see someone's moves in martial arts, if he practices martial arts, his body movement, strike, and defense are different and powerful. The way he does things that comes from his background and training. Seeing someone's fighting stance, you can tell his background in martial arts.

Someone who does not learn martial arts, you cannot see those things even if he tries to do that same thing. When we watch movies, sometimes actors and actresses are trained to make some moves on camera. You can see the difference if they do not have a martial art background.


That is the reason you see the difference in Jet Li's movies. You will find smartness even when he fights. Do you like to watch martial arts action movies? Please feel free to leave your comment below.

People have different reasons for learning martial arts. It could be for learning self defense, sports, acting on movies, staying healthy, and fit. Before learning martial arts, it is better to figure out why you are learning martial arts. Maybe you watch Bruce Lee's movies, and you think it is cool to learn martial arts. Or, you want to impress some girls, I don't know.

Your why inspire you and keep you motivated to learn martial arts. It also helps you choose martial art that you should learn. I'm telling you that if you think you will do a three or six-month course and you will learn everything; this is not going to happen.

You can learn some basics. To learn it very well, you need to spend a lot of time and have the mindset to move forward and keep learning step by step. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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