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Sometimes things happen that are totally unexpected. You are a good guy. You have good intentions. You did not do anything wrong. Still, you become the victim. In one of my recent posts, @bien said in the comment section,

Indeed bro,i like this tips so much. because just in case i know what to do if there is no space to run :)

We always try to avoid a situation where you have to fight for self defense. I know how it feels like when you are being attacked. If someone attacks you and you get hurt, you get hurt physically.

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The thing is, it is not only you who get hurt, your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends as well as neighbors get hurt emotionally. If anything happens to someone in your family or friend, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Sometimes you can solve many things if you talk and have an open mind. Everything does not necessarily end up in a fight. Yes, you can beat those guys easily, and they have nothing to do, but you do not want to do it. When your life is in danger and there is no way getting out of there without a fight, you have no option. You know the rules and regulations where you live. You can get help from the law enforcement agency. And let them handle the situation.

When you are being attacked, and you do not get a chance to call the police, you have to take action to protect yourself. So what can you do against surprise attack?

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If you know that someone is going to attack you, you will not be that surprised. And you have little time to do something about it. But it happens when you do not expect that. Again if you are aware of your surroundings, you can guess what might happen. You can see the sign and predict what is going to happen.

Sometimes attackers talk to you before start attacking. You can pay attention to their attitude, body language, and movement. It gives you the signal of what might happen. You can develop this from your skills and experience. The attacker might move his hand behind, most probably draw his weapon. If you see that, you can stop him right there.

Sometimes the attacker acts like it's cool, he is about to move, then turn and attack you. When a guy looks around, maybe he is trying to decide what he is going to do or he is checking out where there is any witness or not. If people are not around you, he attacks you right away.

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If you feel something is wrong, you can make the distance and get out of there. If you are sure that the guy is going to attack you and he is just trying to confuse you moving his head back, you can attack him right away. Now his trick turns into his vulnerability. What you are going to do, it is up to you and depends on the situation.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you. If you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

Disclaimer: We recommend getting help from professionals. This is only for educational/entertainment purposes. We will not be responsible for your actions.

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well explained bro,that's the best thing to do. first knowing around you and the places,second avoid and last watch and ready to defence. :)

Thank you for posting this idea bro.

Yes, awareness is the key. Thank you so much @bien for your feedback!

My pleasure bro.