Shape-Shifting Reptilians?

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There is a conspiracy theory that humans are actually ruled by shape-shifting lizards who have been the real masters of mankind from time immemorial. Daivid Icke is one of the most famous persons who back this theory, I don't know if it is originally his or not. He is also of the idea that the moon is in reality a space craft and he has some theory about the connection between COVID-19 and 5G Technology.

Since I have nothing much to do I will try to disprove the reptilian theory. OK so the premise is that thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ago these lizards came to live among us and eventually took control of all power.

Now here comes my first question. If all royal families and most powerful men are lizards ,wouldn't you think that they would have had so many relations on a physical sexual level with real humans that by now we would practically all be reptiles?

And now the second one: If these reptilians are so powerful and took control so long ago, would you not think they would have come out in their real form a long time ago, thus not having to undergo shapeshifting? What would they have to be afraid of? A cowardly human race? Or perhaps you will say that they are so ugly they are ashamed to show themselves, this last one is funny, I would think every race thinks itself special and beautiful.

So I don't believe in the reptilian theory at all, there is just no sense in it. As for David Icke he has come up with a lot of conspiracy theories? I wonder if he actually believes in them? Because the one thing I do know is that Mr. Icke has become a millionaire thanks to these theories and for money I would do a lot of things.

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