Guess The Thing Challenge - Day #81(Daily challenge)| by: @blessedsteemer🙏

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About the Guess the thing challenge:

This is the challenge I will make every day. I will show you a part of the picture you can guess.what do you just do to guess what this is about. I'll give you clues to make your guess easier, the picture you'll see is closer to the object or things so that it will be exciting to everyone to make their guessing.😊But it will be exciting to anyone who will join and support this challenge. The task is to guess the right thing and what is this thing,for the picture i will post.

I'll show you a close-up picture and guess what is this thing or object.😊


The object or thing in focus is like a metal and part of object as you can see, so you have to guess what is this thing. After 7 days, the whole image will be revealed. The person or persons who got the right answer will take 50% of the STEEM payout, while the rest of the participants share the 50%. In this example, the winning answer is FIRE EXTENGUISHER!


Note: All pictures that i will post is my own photos and not in internet pictures or any sites.

It so easy! Am i right? You will guess a thing that i post and after seven days you will have an steem at your wallet.😊

Now, I need your support for this challenge. I do not even want to put this post to upvote. But as you support it you can resteem (if you will..) this contest so that others can join and enjoy this challenge and this challenge would be must go on thru your support and participation. And everybody is happy and rewarded!😊

I am certain that the success of this game will be based on the participation and appreciation it gets from the people who will support it. I am humbly asking for your support for me to be able to keep this challenge going. I am not initiating this just because I want to, but because I want to be here and matter and do something for Steemit and to our fellow steemians!And my passion is to help in a small way!😊

Guess the thing challenge#81


Clues about the picture:This thing is very common! You can see this thing at Home,Offices,Department stores and Schools. ☺.And what is this thing ?😊Thank you,have fun and goodluck!

Task and Prizes:

You need to comment below with your answer, just the right thing and only 1 guess per person.If a number of people answered the right thing, all of them will split the 50% reward of the payout.The rest of the participants split the other 50%, AGAIN, NO LOSERS.ALL ARE WINNERS!

If no one guesses the right answer, 75% of the payout will be shared by all. 15% will be going to @blessedsteemer funds, so that it will be a little help for next challenge. And the 10 % will going to our feeding program for the least fortunate children at taguig and here in quezon city if Gods will!But I think there's always a winner here in this challenge.!

So join everyone! Learn and earned sbds! Cmon and join us!

Don't miss out on the chance to get STEEM easy by joining @blessedsteemer contest! Goodluck and God bless us all!
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Hope you will join even my prize is not too big, (cause i have no supporter for the prize,but it will come to my wallet and the post pay out)but a little help for anyone who will be the winners! See

Your servant;




Proud to be as one of the family! #steemph; #steemgigs; and #gratefulvibes!

Thanks for the support @cloh76 ; @good-karma ;and @surpassingooggle!😊

Vote also my witness: @cloh76.witness ;@ausbitbank; @good-karma and @zzan and @actifit

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