RHYME BATTLE! Contest of Wit and Words

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In the comments below you will find
a test of words, the deadly kind.
Sharp tongues and heroes are all invited,
but not the yellow-bellied or the frightened.

Come Act and Earn, please make me enjoy
your words and your rhythms and rhymes, o boy.
use all the techniques within your capacity
who is left here that has the audacity?

To challenge me? to comment here and maybe earn some tokens
Rhymebot has increased battle power for rhymes that are really smokin'
Let's play, and maybe, just maybe, we can heal
STEEM blockchain once again, through entertaining zeal!


Rules are for Fools,

but here they are.

  1. Each rhyming comment will earn a vote and initiate rhyming combat.
  2. If someone besides me counters by replying coherently in a rhyming fashion, they will win a double vote.
  3. Counters can be countered.
  4. At some point far in the future I will make a new post, declaring this post dead.

Prizes??? Or Surpises??

There are a number of tokens available, currently the max double upvote is worth over 20 BATTLE tokens! I will rank participants in the eulogy post and award some additional prizes at that time to the participants that entertained me the most.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
Open up, my lovely wallet.
Shit, my keys fell down the toilet!

Oh for shame! How will you open doors now?
with so much talk of whalepigs and cows
and this thus with wet keys are we left
but its our humour that allows us to be deft.

To zag when they zig, and shimmy when they skip
@rhymebot is not distracted by such shit.
Our whitelisted ally, a mistress of wits
You'll never catch her upvoting those nits!

Those keys aren't gone,
They are just wet.
Here's a fishing rod,
You'll get those keys yet!

Posted via neoxian.city | The City of Neoxian

A rapping Panda you say?
It sounds like you ate magic mushrooms today!
Panda's can't talk, let alone rap,
Give your buddy @rhymebot those mushrooms back.

A contest of wit and words you say?
Here's my words of wit today,
Buy up battle while you can
Or be left kicking the can.

If I bother to try,
will I not die?
Can you not battle and lie
to others but not I
though I'd rather not try.

But you must try!
Not to would be to die.
Effort counts, but results trump,
extra credit don't give no bump...

Produce with action everything you dream
reach out your spoon and grab that cream,
If you do not seize the day
Again the chance may not cross this way.

@rhymebot respond, rhymebot decect
see these battle rhymes you can select!

Hm I must say
Thanks for the way
You encourage my day
You've convinced me to stay
So now try I just may

Hi there @dragonate!
Don't you procrastinate.
No, I would not lie.
In the end we all will die.

But don't let that bother you.
In the meantime there's fun things to do.
Crypto is here to stay.
Go get your BATTLE today!

I bought the battle, 300 per thousand
now I am the king that wears the crowns and
delivers rewards (and collects the taxes)
After rhyming a bit my dopple relaxes.

I appreciate you starting the struggle,
@rhymebot is coming, she dectects no trouble
with your verse, although short, we see it complete.
Now there are some responses you'll need more rhymes to beat!

My ryme was rather short,
But this contest I will not abort.
You hit me back with a ryme I see.
The winner of these rymes will be everybody.

Try as you can, try as you might.
You will not win this fight.
Ryming is easy for me.
I'll Ryme circles around everyone, 1,2,3.

You're out, You're done!
Now go tell everyone,
All the ryming masters are here.
Please enjoy this !BEER.

I'll drink your BEER, and enjoy it too,
now I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'll call @rhymebot again, to mark these rhymes.
I hardly believe you'll do it one more time.

Many come, many go - people pass to and fro
on steem ever since the price was laid low
we have only the builders left to talk to
I look around these empty streets I walk through....

What can save us? Do you think its flags?
I really don't think that flagging pays.
But I have an idea, so wild, so powerful -
Those that doubt me will end up quite sorrowful.

You and @rymebot I do thank
Do not worry as I got much more in the tank.

As for those who come and go,
That's their problem as they are missing the show!

Those flaggers you speak of are not much fun.
They go around judging everyone.

Quality is subjective, they should learn.
Hey! Did you hear about the payout curve?

And its precisely what you said about subjectivity
that allows us to express our creativity
in poems and verse and rhymes and puns
Dagnabbit if I don't feel better when I am done....

Now your wit is quick and your rhymes are clean,
and after reading I even know what you mean.
But can you circumlocute around dangerous topics?
Can you make a joke about a token, say APX?

Could you discuss global politics in rhyme?
could you stay in verse for a whole dinner time?
You are the best so far, but do you have what it takes
to whip with your wit, praise heroes, stomp flakes?

Your rymes are dope there's no doubt about that.
Contest and games is where its at.

APX ,you want me to address?
Many on there are just showing of their chest.
But that's ok to each their own,
I heard many on APX are alt account clones.

That's right I said it, What else can I say?
Oh that's right....
You want me to speak about politics today.

George Bush or Trump ....
in the end they're all the same.
They sleep safe in bed ....
while we all play their war games.

I can ryme through dinner, supper and breakfeast
When it comes to rymes, I am a chemist.

wow that got hot
I forgot the @rhymebot

Hey @ecoinstar, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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"Yellow-bellied" I haven't see
any ever but what marvels me
is who will respond on your rhyme?
AI, that rhymebot or is it a crime
to use your own brain?
Who am I to wonder or complain.
Good luck to all of you
I've got something else to do.
!trdo 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

It is a bot, but her intentions are pure
it only knows what I've programmed into her.
Robots can't rhyme, nor can they have fun
but that wasn't going to keep me all done!

I invented the @rhymebot, I'll call it 'Auto-Manual'
If you try to activate her powers, notice you'll
do, that she really doesn't respond to you!
Only people she follows are listened too.

@ecoinstar A bot with pure intentions are good.
Hopefully it is in the mood.
To answer me once in a while
I follow and like rhymestyle.
Well, I have time, wait and see.
Who'll answers first, you rhyme or to me?
The only thing rest for me to say
Have a !beer and enjoy your Monday.

Asumo este reto pues no tengo temor;
el amarillo no es mi color.
Audacia tengo y valentía demás,
porque una heroína en mi despierta esta.

A la batalla me alisto hay muchos contendientes,
pero el poder de mi mente es realmente sorprendente.
Gracias por retos que desafían y alimentan mi mente,
más iniciativas como estas son geniales.

Guau, en espanol no pensaba que bien lo hago
le doy mi mejor y sin nada de trago
El reto fue puesto y tu respondiste
y feliz yo estoy que asi decidiste

@rhymebot conoce, es buena gente
ya te conoce a ti, valiente
Rimamos mas, y invitamos mas cuentas
Hacemos concurso dedicado? Que piensas?

It's time to join in the rhyming fun
So I've loaded up my rhyming gun
The first shot has been fired and battle commences
Will you attack or hide behind the fences?

Run and Hide are two things I don't do,
I'll be more than happy to take on you.
I see your rhyming gun but I got two.
The ball is in your court now, whatcha gonna do?

my gun has flowers I fight for peace
there are no bullets in this piece
so if you kill me with your gun
my brothers will chase so you better run!

Kill you, don't be dramatic.
Its only water and my guns are plastic.
Let me use my guns to water your flowers,
It will help them grow to be fantastic.

well I guess your bark was louder than your bite
but I must admit you gave me a fright!
so I guess now we can just be friends
let's bin our guns and make amends

My bark can match my bite.
Sometimes it does leave a fright.
Misconceived were my words,
Amends was made your rymes were heard.

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