LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #059 - dangerous conditions of sea water at high tide

in contest •  2 months ago 

My participation in the contest from our friend @axeman for the whole steem community. you can see the link here Source


Natural conditions when I write this short article, the weather has rained since 04:00 Indonesian time, until 12:00 hours now it is still drizzling and the sea water is bigger with waves crashing to the edge. this is dangerous for the safety of children who are bathing on the beach in filling the holiday schedule for the end of this smester. so that the caution of parents is expected to always guard and supervise every child while playing on the beach



This is the extreme ciaca in almost all provinces in our country, Indonesia, at the moment, several provinces and districts are in floods of overflow and tide of sea water.



all pictures are mine @helmibireuen using the smartphone camera Redmi note 9 pro without any effect, I hope your entry likes me briefly today

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