⚽⚽ TotoSTEEM #4 ⚽⚽: PREDICT and WIN SPORTS token | Winner! Congratulations!

in contest •  last year 

@minixi is our winner for the TotoSTEEM #4 PREDICT and WIN SPORTS token!



@minixi got 2 matches correctly predicted plus the nearest prediction of the first goal on the selected match Inter - Fiorentina. He upvoted 100% the post so his reward is double. 800 SPORTS + 100% Upvote
@jadnven 2nd position 400 SPORTS + 80% upvote
@adrimonte 3rd position 200 SPORTS + 60% upvote

For those who correctly joined the contest (UPVOTE needed), 15% upvote.
For who resteemed: 25% of liquid earnings shared



🥇 400 SPORTS + 100% UPVOTE for the 🏆WINNER🏆 of the contest
🥈200 SPORTS + 80% UPVOTE for the 2nd of the contest
🥉100 SPORTS + 60% UPVOTE for the 3rd of the contest

Participants: 15% UPVOTE for joining the contest

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