Contest Kings Splinterlands Guild Structure Summary!

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your patience waiting for further details to be published.

I’ve been in transit returning back from a holiday abroad and on route back home at present.

The Contest Kings guild has been created and is now accepting members via the Splinterlands site.

Below outlines conditions to join and also the format in which we can grow the guild whilst maintaining the player base activity to ensure members are playing their part for the team.

Here is a breakdown of the guild format and donation for membership:

After requesting to join and being accepted an initial minimum donation of 10,000 DEC is to be provided to the guild via the buildings tab within 24 hours.

In addition to this there will be a further 90,000 DEC that must be paid off over 9 months to purchase your seat in the guild.

This would mean that on the 1st September 2019 you would have donated a minimum 20,000 DEC (Including the initial donation)

The remaining payments would be due on the 1st of each month where a 3 days grace period will apply before the member being removed for non compliance.

Members can pay ahead instalments at any time via the buildings tab and we encourage this to help fast track the level of the guild hall building getting to level 10 as soon as possible.

If you decide you want to leave the guild @contestkings will purchase your seat back from you within 7 days.

This will be via a direct transfer of Dark Energy Crystals to your Splinterlands account less the 10,000 initial donation up to a maximum of 90,000 that would have been contributed at the time of request.

This seat will then be resold by @contestkings to another member of the community at a chosen fee of our choice.

The user also has the option to sell their seat in the guild to another member of the Splinterlands community.

This could be for a set fee between you and the other party which may be more than what you have paid so far.

In 9 months effective June 1st 2020 a ongoing 1,000 DEC membership donation will be required by each seat holder on the 1st of each month to continue indefinitely.

This additional 30,000 DEC each month will be put towards other buildings and or things to improve the guild.

Here is the bonus offer for each guild seat holder:

You can nominate a steem blockchain account to be added to our auto voter.

This will be at a fixed 10% upvote on a post every 24 hours from @contestkings account.

Comments are excluded as content.

If you choose to sell your seat to another member in the future the bonus offer will carry over as part of this.

This will mean the new owner of the seat can nominate a new account name for the vote.

The upvote offer remains ongoing to the guild seats owners nominated account indefinitely.

If required the name can be changed and updated on the auto-voter on request of the seat holder.

Detailed below are some important rules where If broken will result in the user being removed.

This would mean having your seat revoked in the guild which will then be owned outright by Contest Kings with no refund available.

The continuing use of profanity and or offensive language in the guild room chat.

Where failure to make minimum donation payment by 12:01 am on the 3rd of each calendar month as outlined above in introduction.

Members will need to maintain an average of 5 daily quests a week over a rolling 12 week period.

We also reserve the right to alter and or change compliance rules where required to help ensure the guild structure and integrity is maintained as a priority.

After looking over the initial request to join there seems to be many members of the community interested.

Based on this once the initial guild is set up we may look to make another but details for this will not be drafted for at least 48 hours.

This will be run under the same format to help ensure transparency and alignment within the group.

If you have already requested to join on the site can you please reply below or make contact to advise you would like to be accepted based on the above structure.

Applications will be considered over the next week, taking into account DEC strength, previous social engagement, and tournament performances since launch.

Don’t hesitate to pop over to our Discord or add a comment below for further help or questions and we will get back to you.

Thanks again and let’s do this!

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I have been meaning to stop by and tell you all good luck... I think you are a great group and I definitely wish you the best and if there is anything we can do together in the future, just let me know!!!

Thanks Dave!

Sounds great. I'm in. With the new Security option (requiring Active key for financial transactions)
If I want to head off on holiday or just take a break, I'll just find a friend to do my dailies (and keep the cards).

It’s certainly a good implementation by the devs!


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Locked in!

@contestkings, I am interested to join and just wanted to know what are the benefits of the Guild for joined user. Don't have any knowledge about that. Waiting for your response.

Thank you team.

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Count me in!

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Sounds great to me. ContestKings will be the best guild!