We Need Good Leaders Now More Than Ever

in coronavirus •  7 months ago 

What makes a leader a good leader isn't because they're rich or good-looking or funny.

It's because they're willing to make impossible decisions during tough times. They do it quickly and they take responsibility for their actions. They behave this way because they intimately understand that their decisions have real-world consequences. They know that their behavior directly impacts people's lives. And those people have wives and children and friends and parents and relatives who are ALL impacted by the one quick rational gut-wrenching decision made by the leader.

Leadership skills don't come easy. They are shaped by experience and honed over time.

In business, politics, religion, education, whatever... we need real leaders right now. Not just entrepreneurs who are striving for the next round of investment. Not just politicians who are trying to win a popularity contest.

We need leaders like George Washington.

“A compelling case can be made that his swift response to the smallpox epidemic and to a policy of inoculation was the most important strategic decision of his military career,” is the case made by historian Joseph Ellis in a recent National Geographic article.

The evidence now shows that that one decision made a nation:

The United States of America.

Whoever makes the tough decisions during these next few months should be the leaders of tomorrow.

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