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Who doesn't love lemon flavor? I do love a lot even I don't eat a salad without squeezing lemon on it. My Uncle used to plant this tree where you can't imagine how much lemons are grown. I captured these shots when the lemon was green which didn't riped well. But still, it was juicy. We bring a lot of lemons from this lemon tree for free. I used lemon to make salad most of the time.

This one is the close shot of hanging 3 lemons in one branch. It was rained on that day 25th Dec when I took these shots which you can see a tiny drop of water hanging on the lemon. I captured using Oppo Phone once again.

Did you ever see a banana tree by yourself?
I have seen this tree thrice time whenever I went to my maternal uncle's place. This is planted by my grandfather who passed away. It's been 36 years that he isn't with us but still, their belongings are with us like alive. They had planted this tree when he was alive and this tree doesn't stop to give a nice amount of bananas every year.

I visited this place a few months ago and loved to capture this shot at any cost as this is somewhat a memory of our beloved grandfather. I used the Oppo camera for taking this shot amazingly. I have more to share from the same place. I'll share soon. Stay connected..

What is this picture above? It is so soft and delicate to take in hands. In the area of the fields, such delicate soft flowers are wandering here and there in the air. I even take them in hands and messed up with that. xD

These are the same as Uncle's place a few months ago. I always loved to capture those things and natural sites which I found cool. We were in the fields where we have found such great things which I didn't see before.

This is the ladyfinger vegetable. My Uncle has seeded a lot of veggies including ladyfingers which is usually grown-up every 3 days when you take out for cooking. I loved this veggie a lot. You can't cut them out with bare hands as it has thrown. Wear gloves before touching it.

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